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From the President…
We live in extraordinary times. For years, we have seen God’s Word removed from the classrooms of schools, colleges and universities. Subsequently, we have also witnessed the excision of the Bible from the public square and encounter a censorship in education even with the most sacred, historic documents of this nation – those based in a Christian philosophy and tradition. Accompanying this movement has been the emergence of hostility to the Christian faith in American universities. Parents send their children to school hoping, praying that their children will not return as atheists or skeptics, but rather as educated young men and women prepared to assume their roles as servant leaders in Christ, bolstered in their faith, and again ready to join the traditions of their family and community. These troublesome times seem improbable especially in light of our national heritage that is grounded in Christian values and tradition.

Morthland, in a very large way, was founded in response to these societal trends. In particular, the founders expressed concern for not only students but also for our culture, even our nation. Among our many hopes, perhaps our greatest is to enter into a partnership with parents, families, and students in thought with a premier educational experience. This is the type of education that our forefathers envisioned and set in place for posterity. A closely related theme and one that follows Tradition in education is the garnering of respect in the classroom for the Christian foundations of this nation – for this is our Heritage. Unfortunately, the acidity of modernity has eroded those great pillars of Tradition and Heritage. There are many of us who seek to restore Tradition and Heritage in the classroom as well as the culture. These ideals are foundational to Morthland College.

A Ministry and Work of God
On behalf of the Foundation, Trustees, Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students, we thank you for your interest in Morthland College. Time and again throughout history, God has chosen to use His people to provide for the work of the ministry. In the days of Moses, God called on his people to provide for the building of the Tabernacle. In the days of Nehemiah and Ezra, the people of God together rebuilt Jerusalem and the temple. We ask that you consider supporting Morthland College and partner with us as together we do the work of Almighty God.
A Not-For-Profit Corporation
Morthland College is a 501C3 not-for-profit corporation. Donations can be reported on federal income tax for deducations. Donors will receive receipts quarterly and yearly so that they can report donations on their income taxes.


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