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Increase Your Knowledge and Skill Set with a Minor
In addition to obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Biblical Studies, or Classics, or a Bachelor of Science in Biology or Computer Information Systems, students can complete a minor in Christian Counseling, Ministry, Music Ministry and Worship, Accounting, or Management. These minors will be offered to both students completing their education online, as well as those completing courses on our West Frankfort campus. Students can obtain a minor in any of these areas of study by completing 18 hours of coursework in the respective area.

– The Christian Counseling courses will provide students with an overview of the major theories in counseling from a Biblical perspective. Students will learn various counseling skills to aide with crisis intervention, marriage and family counseling, and counseling to different ethnicities and cultures. Courses include: CSL232 Counseling Theory, PSY321 Crisis Counseling, CSL431 Holy Spirit in Counseling, CSL432 Cross Cultural Counseling, and CSL435 Marriage and Family Counseling.
– Students enrolled in courses in Ministry training will learn to develop their personal leadership capabilities, Church planting, and leading both small groups and large congregations within a church. Courses include: LD331 Biblical Concepts of Leadership, MIS331 Evangelism and Discipleship, MIN431 Purpose Driven Church, MIN432 Small Group Leadership, MIS333 Foundations of Christian Missions, and LD501 Biblical Principles for Personal Managment.
– A Music Ministry and Worship minor will provide an education in the history of music in worship, the development of hymns, and the Biblical origin of worship and how that relates to current worship practices. These students will also gain hands on experience in leading worship in a congregation through a music internship. Courses include: MUS210 Music Ministry, MUS498 Music Internship, LD331 Biblical Concepts of Leadership, MUS231 History of Music in Worship, WOR231 Biblical and Historical Foundations of Worship I, WOR232 Biblical and Historical Foundations II.
– The Accounting courses will provide an education in various accounting principles and practices, as well as the technology and software utilized for accounting. Courses include: ACCT 421 Intermediate Accounting I, ACCT 423 Intermediate Accounting II, ACCT 436 Accounting Information Systems and Technology, ACCT 499 Case Studies in Accounting, ACCT232 Managerial Accounting, and ACCT322 Principles of Accounting II
– The Management minor will equip students with the skills needed to grow and sustain performance in an organization, as well as educate students on the common management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Courses include: LD431 Case Study in Leadership, MGT332 Organizational Behavior, MGT431 Current Issues in Management, MGT434 Teams and Work Process, MGT510 Managing for Results.

Morthland College is excited to offer these minor degrees to our students to enrich their education and empower them to reach their future goals.