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Welcome to the Classics Degree
Welcome to the Classics Department at Morthland College! We are glad that you are looking at the possibility of pursuing a Classics degree at Morthland, and trust that you will be equally pleased with the opportunities offered here.
As you may know, while the word “Classics” incudes the study of ancient languages, it is not an exclusive focus on Greek and Latin. The word embraces the broader spectrum of study that formed the foundation of the university curriculum in years past in Europe, in colonial days and early United States. Thus, it includes philosophy, literature, music, art, history, science, math and language. Through the educative process, students develop an appreciation for the integration of all disciplines, and at Morthland, as courses are taught in a Christian worldview, it becomes evident that all knowledge emanates from the mind of God. Its purpose, and the purpose of every student, is to glorify Him.
Whether you choose to follow a track of study for math, music or one of the other options, you will find it leading you to examine the thoughts of mankind since the beginning of time. You will cross-examine their thoughts – and your own – through the gird of Scripture. With a broad and deep understanding of your discipline, integrated into the whole, you will be prepared as a scholar to take your place in the contemporary world and to impact it for the glory of Jesus Christ. We hope you will walk with us together on the journey of exploration into the mind of our Creator. Welcome to Morthland College!
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Classics
The Bachelor of Arts in Classics represents the essence of a classical, Christian education. The name Classics could be misleading as one might think it is an entire focus on antiquity. Rather, the BA in Classics is Morthland College’s delivery of the “Old Degree” commonly taken by scholars for generations. Students gain an understanding of the progress of man through modern times with study of Hebrew, Greek, and Roman cultures, the medieval period, the enlightenment, and the early American republic. Students read samples of period works in their original forms and will be challenged to understand cultures relative to an integrative historical perspective interpreted through a Biblical lens. Students will gain mastery in languages, history, literature, philosophy, economics, fine arts, political science and the Biblical text. The studies crescendo with a careful examination of the birth of the American Republic with interpretation of its rich history and foundations relative to other cultures. Students are poised for an MBA, to be political advisors, writers, instructors, lawyers, and for advanced degrees. The BA in Classics is designed to produce an Old School scholar prepared to enter multiple professions. Multiple tracks are available including mathematics, literature, history, and philosophy.
Graduates with a major in Classics will demonstrate the following competencies: 1) a broad understanding of history, literature, philosophy, economics, languages, and civilization – and how these disciplines relate to a modern society, 2) extensive competency in writing, reading, critical analysis, synthesis culminating in a senior thesis, and 3) a Christian world view of these broad disciplines relative to their period import. The introduction of languages in this program provides a forum wherein many literary works will be read in their original forms, e.g., Luke, Acts, I & II Corinthians, Early Christian Hymns, Lives of Plutarch, The Odyssey in Greek. In Latin: Jerome’s vulgate, Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Bacon, Confessions of St. Augustine, & Cicero to name a few.
The degree culminates in a senior thesis wherein the student’s historical, philosophical & sociological perspectives are integrated through the lens of a Christian worldview. Within the thesis, the student will demonstrate competency in language, oration, literary works, and history in the context of an historic and modern question. Current Tracks include: history, literature, languages, mathematics, psychology and Pre Law.