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Welcome to Business Administration
Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at Morthland College will master broad disciplines in business fields—preparing them for leadership roles in diverse business environments. Like all programs at Morthland College the business degree incorporates the classical, Christian model of education that was commonplace in the old divinity colleges in American.
The BA in Business provides exposure and mastery to the principles of accounting, management, information systems, marketing, public relations and sports management. As the student progresses through the program, they develop the knowledge and skills needed to transform into promising accounting professionals of integrity, successful organization managers, professional designers and implementers of business information systems, professional marketing researchers, and successful candidates in the public and sports industry management. Students will participate in projects that integrate theoretical concepts with practical applications and simulate real-life business situations and development. In the fourth year, students will be exposed to hands-on experiences that involve working with real client projects in order to prepare the students to excel as professionals in their field of specialization and role in business. The BA in Business is meant to prepare the student to begin a business or to enter the business environment in a small, medium or large business.