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Welcome to Biblical Studies!
Are you a student of the Word of God and want to deepen your knowledge of the Bible? Are you in or seeking a ministry position and want practical knowledge about ministry? Are you a musician who wants a better understanding of music ministry? Would you like to be able to read scriptures in the original languages? The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies degree provides you the opportunity to learn and grow in the Word of God and in areas of church ministry.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies
The program of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies is designed to give the student a broad and thorough understanding of the Bible within historical, philosophical, literary, theological and doctrinal perspectives. It is designed for the person seeking advanced knowledge in Bible, ministry formation, or even specialty studies in languages.
Graduates will demonstrate the following competencies: 1) a broad understanding of the Bible historically, theologically, doctrinally, and in an applied sense in the context of the Great Commission, 2) extensive competency in writing, reading, critical analysis, and synthesis that leads to a senior thesis, 3) a Christian world view from which modern times may be interpreted, 4) application of Greek and Hebrew to the Biblical Text, and 5) professional competency in ministry formation (for the ministry track).