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The Mission of Morthland College
The mission of Morthland College is to provide a premier liberal arts education to a diversity of learners within a setting committed to Christ, Wisdom, Tradition, and Heritage. Morthland is faith-based and inter-denominational with founding principles rooted in the centrality of Jesus Christ, His Word, and the Church. We embrace Wisdom by forming a community of scholars who affirm our core values and continue to engage in academic discourse. We endorse Tradition in the learning process by encouraging the consonance of Biblical instruction with a broad education. We uphold Heritage by recognizing the Christian foundations of our country and by preparing students to contribute to society in the spirit of servant leadership.
The Vision of Morthland College
“And so a group of people gathered and discussed the need for training servant leaders of Christ in various vocations, even the training of ministers, all within a Christian institution of higher learning that would embrace Jesus the Christ, Wisdom, Heritage, and Tradition. In discussing how they might respond to this great need, they envisioned an institution founded in the spirit of the days of old among the Puritan settlers and among those at the time of the First Great Awakening when institutions were built in response to the manifest blessings of God. Within these institutions, a clear consonance of liberal education with the Bible was established; we too seek this union – this being Tradition. Further, the institution shall guard and magnify the Christian foundations of this Nation, the enduring values of our forefathers, their reliance on God, their belief in the justice of God – for this is our Heritage. And, the institution shall embrace the wisdom of the ancients, indeed stand on their shoulders; and from this platform they shall proclaim the light of truth to those learners trusted to our care; let us ask of the Lord to send us students from all corners of the earth wherein they might be educated and embraced in the grace of Christ; and let us ask of the Lord to send us faculty who shall have the mind of Christ and forge frontiers in the spirit of innovation – all this being our Wisdom. Let our graduates walk in this Wisdom, Heritage and Tradition – being servant leaders in Christ, even the light of Truth to a dark and lost world. Yahweh; the Logos; the fulfillment of history – He, the Lord our God, is our trust. Let this House be one with Christ Jesus laid as its Foundation, Tradition set as its Pillars, and Heritage engraved upon its Façade. Trusting that this hope may become manifest, let even the institution’s form, its atmosphere, fall to this cast so that it shall speak to posterity of these noble and excellent things. And within these walls, the call for understanding shall be heard; treasure shall be found, even Wisdom. While it may be from time to time that the social mores’ may blow as if a great wind against the institution, resolve in this vision shall in time bear witness to a storm that passes, even the chaff shall blow away. And in all of this, they asked of the Lord to facilitate this great work and in one accord agreed ― Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it.‖ In all this we pray in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”