The mission of Morthland College is to provide a premier liberal arts education to a diversity of learners within a setting committed to Christ, Wisdom, Tradition and Heritage. Morthland is faith-based and interdenominational with founding principles rooted in the centrality of Jesus Christ, His Word and the Church. Morthland College offers three Bachelor of Arts degrees and two Bachelor of Science Degrees with several tracks in each degree. Courses are also available online. For more information about each program of study, choose from the list below.

A Christian College

All students at Morthland College are required to complete a complement of Religion Core Curriculum. The student will demonstrate an understanding the Biblical Text in purpose and content, apply the Christian worldview as derived from the Biblical text relative to literary, social, cultural, ethical and spiritual perspectives, and apply integrative and comparative knowledge of a Biblical worldview in broad academic disciplines.

The curriculum at Morthland College is Christ-centered. The student will encounter Christ in each of our three degree programs. All students at Morthland College will be required to complete 15 credit hours that comprise the Biblical Studies Core Curriculum. Courses in the Biblical Core include REL 101 Old Testament Survey (3 hrs), REL 102 New Testament Survey (3 hrs), REL 201 Bible Doctrine (3 hrs), REL 301 Logic & Apologetics (3 hrs), and REL 302 Ethics From a Christian World View (3 hrs).

All students at Morthland College will be required to complete a minimum of 10 credit hours that comprise the Biblical and Classical Languages Core Curriculum. Language requirements may be higher depending on the degree requirements. Biblical and Classical Languages include courses in Greek, Hebrew, and/or Latin.

The Capstone Servant Leader Series is designed to provide each student with a method for documenting their walk with Christ through worship, study, and service. Each student will participate in the Capstone Servant Leader Series during each semester of attendance. The Capstone experience will be completed with the Senior Thesis or Project.

A Classical College

For centuries dating to medieval times, the classical model of education was the standard. Students mastered dialectic (logic), reasoning, writing, and oration. Recognizing that the English language, the sciences, and even the law had their bases in Latin and Greek – instruction in these languages was common in the classical model. The ancients believed that mastery of these foundations prepared the student for specialty study. The purposed mastery of these classical elements formed the first phase of the classical model - the Trivium.

In the second phase, students studied particular subjects. The subjects were not treated as isolated bodies of knowledge, but rather connected through common threads of language, of literature in their original form. A Biblical worldview and an historic context were sewn throughout the curricula. This second phase formed the Quadrivium.

The Trivium and the Quadrivium have been set as the cornerstone at Morthland College. Not only is this Tradition, it is also the standard by which the ancients seasoned future scholars for centuries.

Linguistics at Morthland College

Our curricula has been designed to model those of the early divinity colleges in America. In those colleges, languages like Latin and Greek were taught as the foundational languages for modern languages. Literary works and the Bible were studies in their native tongue. Morthland College has purposefully set in place, once again, linguistics as a core component of our classical, Christian programs.

Some students may seek advanced studies in linguistics at Morthland College. For this reason, we have placed a linguistics track in the BA in Biblical Studies and the BA in Classics. Students may pursue study in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Coptic, and Aramaic. We are currently developing a series of courses in the modern languages as well.

If you are interested in a linguistic track at Morthland College, then please contact us. We will arrange to send you information, for one of our scholars to contact you, or for a campus visit.

"For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6

A Culture of Scholarship

The programs at Morthland College may seem challenging. The faculty believe, however, that students who come to Morthland purposed to learn – will do well. We are committed to working with you in cultivating both your mind and spirit.

As a Christian college, Morthland offers a warm environment where a student's faith may be strengthened and encouraged. A common thread of discussion among the founding members of this Institution is that we want for our students to leave not as skeptics or atheists, but rather bolstered in their faith in Christ and with an appreciation of their commission to carry out His work. Every week chapel will be held and led by different leaders of the Institution. We consider local churches our partners in the student's spiritual growth and encourage worship within a local church body.

A Culture of Prayer

The founders of Morthland College believe God's favor was behind the birth of the new institution. For years, people from across the region have come together to intercede for the institution and for God's will to be manifest. People from various denominations meet at the college periodically to pray for the college, the faculty, and the students.
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