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Agricultural Periodicals from the Northeastern U.S., 1789-1879

Agricultural Periodicals from the Southern, Midwestern, and Western U.S., 1800-1878

Alternative Faith and Philosophy Periodicals, 1789-1878

Alternative Medicine and Health, 1810-1877

American Civil War, 1855-1868

American Literary Periodicals, 1782-1834

American Literary Periodicals, 1835-1858

American Literary Periodicals, 1859-1891

American Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry Periodicals, 1786-1877

American Political and Social Movements, 1815-1884

American Political Periodicals, 1715-1891

Baptists, Quakers, and Independent Church Periodicals, 1797-1881

Business and General Education Periodicals, 1800-1885

Business, Industrial and Professional Periodicals, 1774-1858

Business, Industrial and Professional Periodicals, 1859-1870

Business, Industrial and Professional Periodicals, 1871-1901

Canadian Periodicals, 1790-1877

Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, and Episcopal Periodicals, 1797-1904

College and Student Periodicals, 1806-1877

Commercial Periodicals from the Southern U.S., 1811-1877

Congregational, Presbyterian, and Reformed Church Periodicals, 1803-1902

Cultural Periodicals from the Southern U.S., 1797-1877

Current Events and History Periodicals, 1691-1912

Drama, Humor, and Fine Arts Periodicals, 1764-1877

Emerging American Religions, 1821-1895

Fireside Companions and Family Literature Periodicals, 1805-1877

Foreign Language Periodicals in America, 1684-1904

General Interest Christian Periodicals, 1743-1889

Hobbies, Socialization, and Sport Periodicals, 1775-1889

Literary Periodicals of New England, 1789-1878

Masons, Odd-Fellows and Other Societal Periodicals, 1794-1877

Military and Law Enforcement Periodicals, 1691-1877

Missionary and Charity Periodicals, 1793-1902

Musical Periodicals, 1781-1879

Periodicals from Around the World, 1691-1880

Periodicals of the American West, 1779-1881

Periodicals of the British Empire and Its Colonies, 1702-1879

Popular Educational Periodicals, 1758-1889

Religious Periodicals for Women, Children, and Families, 1804-1878

Religious Periodicals from the Southern U.S., 1801-1904

Scientific Periodicals, 1771-1901

Slavery and Abolition, 1789-1887

Story Papers, Dimes and Dollar Periodicals, 1828-1877

Sunday School Periodicals, 1818-1885

Temperance in America, 1826-1877

Theology and Biblical Studies Periodicals, 1760-1877

Women’s Periodicals of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century, 1733-1844

Women’s Periodicals of the Nineteenth Century, 1845-1865

Women’s Periodicals of the Nineteenth Century, 1866-1891