Morthland College

A college founded on historic principals…

Embracing Christ, Wisdom, Tradition, and Heritage

MISSION — The mission of Morthland College is to provide a premier liberal arts education to a diversity of learners within a setting committed to Christ, Wisdom, Tradition, and Heritage.  Morthland is faith-based and interdenominational with founding principles rooted in the centrality of Jesus Christ, His Word, and the Church.  We embrace Wisdom by forming a community of scholars who affirm our core values and continue to engage in academic discourse.  We endorse Tradition in the learning process by encouraging the consonance of Biblical instruction with a broad education.  We uphold Heritage by recognizing the Christian foundations of our country and by preparing students to contribute to society in the spirit of servant leadership.

Morthland College, 210 E. Main Street, West Frankfort, IL 62896




Morthland College is a private not-for-profit College with a mission that embraces scholarship and Christ.  Help support our new college.  Donate secure online.  Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.   Thank you. 

10/05/2010 Update !!!

Morthland College was given Authority to Operate by the Illinois Board of Higher Education on October 5, 2010.  Applications for fall 2011 enrollment may be found here.

Appointed faculty should plan to attend the December 11, 2010 meeting from 9-12 AM at the Administrative Offices at 210 E. Main Street.  Apparel for pictures please.



On October 5, 2010—The Illinois Board of Higher Education gave authority to Morthland College to begin accepting student applications for fall 2011.  Student applications may be downloaded. 


Morthland College ACT Code is 6733. Students may go to ACT and send a score as

part of their application.


Tuition -  Tuition will be approximately

$4,000 per semester ($250 / credit hour). 


Schedule an Advising Appointment

Schedule an advising appointment at


11/10/2010 EXTENDED Interview

Tom Miller WJPF

Tom Miller, news broadcaster, hosted Dr. Morthland on WJPF AM 1020 / 1340 on 10/13/2010.  Listen here.

11/15/2010 Administrative Offices

Morthland College moved into their administrative offices at 210 E. Main Street..  Signage is currently being constructed.


Morthland College hosts University of Illinois Vice-President Charles Evans.  Dr. Evan’s offered his wisdom and encouragement to the leaders of the new college.  Morthland College thanks the U of I for their outreach.


10/22/2010 News TV-3 Interview

News TV-3 Morning Show hosts Dr. Morthland.  Watch video.

11/26/2010 Schedule a Presentation

If you would like more information on Morthland College or seek a presentation at your organization, contact our secretary  Jenny Ditch

11/20/2010 Open House

Morthland College held an open house on 11/20/2010.  Around 150 people from the community and institution enjoyed an evening of celebration to commemorate the IBHE conferring formal authority to operate on the college.




Goebel Patton

The celebrated academic of Franklin County was named as the first honorary board member of Morthland College on 11/20/2010.

Apparel orders

T-shirts, Hoodies and Zipper Hoodies available.  

Stop in at our administrative offices at 210 E. Main Street to place an order or call at 618-937-2127.  Apparel is in forest green with cream letters outlined in crimson.  Hoodies have sewn letters.  T-shirts  have iron on letters in cream an crimson borders—$15, Hoodies and Zipper Hoodies $35.  Click here to view. 



Dr. Tim Morthland enjoys a moment with Dr. Dale Brown at a recent institution-wide open house.  Dr. Brown has led the faculty appointment initiative for the new college.