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Smoking, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy

Morthland College strongly discourages drug or substance abuse by any of its students, faculty, staff, or officers. Unlawful possession, use, manufacturing, dispensation are strictly prohibited by the Institution. The Institution reserves the right to take necessary action to stop, correct, prevent, or discipline behavior that violates this policy. Disciplinary action may include oral warnings, written warnings, demotion, transfer, suspension, or dismissal.


Morthland College is a smoke free and alcohol free institution. Students are not permitted to smoke or consume alcoholic beverages on any property owned or leased by the institution or smoke or drink alcohol during any function of the college.


FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974)
Morthland College is committed to the privacy and confidentiality of student records. It may release financial, academic, and personal information to parents of dependent students seventeen years of age and younger without students’ consent. If students are eighteen or older and independent from their parents,
they must provide written consent to the college before financial, academic, and personal information is released to the parents. College personnel may reveal generally observed public behavior to parents.
The college may occasionally release a student’s directory information (name, address, phone number, year in school, major) to inquiring parties. If students want the college to refrain from releasing directory information, they must provide the Office of Student Affairs with a written request.


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